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JPMorgan Chase Travel Mastercard

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Employees whose duties require that they travel on official business may be issued a University Travel Card at no personal cost in accordance with BPM-503 University Travel Cards. This card is to be used only for charging University related travel expenses such as meals, lodging, car rentals, cash advances, airfare, etc. The card is not to be used for personal, family or household purposes. Reimbursement for travel expenses will be made by the University to employees following standard procedures.

For information on applying for a University Travel Card, please see University Travel Card Application Information.

The employee is solely responsible for payment to MasterCard for all charges made on the card. Failure to pay charges in a timely manner will result in late fees and suspension or revocation of charge privileges.

Account and Billing Information (24-Hour Access)

In the United States or Canada call JPMorgan Chase toll-free at 1-800-270-7760.

Outside of the U.S. call JPMorgan Chase collect at 1-801-281-5825.

Card Renewal

The University Travel Card is automaticaly renewed unless an account is past due. A few weeks prior to the expiration date, the travel vendor will mail a new card to the employee's home address in a plain envelope. If you need to update your home address to ensure proper delivery, please contact please contact your campus Program Administrator in Accounting Services at 882-TRIP or complete and submit the University Travel Card Account Maintenance Form.

Cash Advances for Travel

Employees traveling on University business may be authorized to obtain a cash advance for minor travel expenses by using their University Travel Card at an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). For assistance in locating the nearest ATM you can use the ATM locator at www.mastercard.com or call 1-800-270-7760.

When an individual uses an ATM machine, the advance will be charged to the individual's University Travel Card account. ATM usage fees for one transaction per University business trip will be allowed by the University.

If your card was authorized for cash access, you should have received your PIN number in a separate mailing.

Combining Personal and Business Travel

In cases where a traveler, for personal convenience, travels by an indirect route or interrupts travel by the direct route, or extends a trip, any additional expenses will be the sole responsibility of the traveler.

Employee Status Change

When an employee leaves MU, the department is responsible for ensuring the employee's corporate card is canceled. Failure to timely notify Accounting Services of the employee's impending departure may result in the department being liable for charges incurred. Retrieve the card from the employee before the last day of duty and destroy it. Before the individual leaves the employ of the University, verify with Travel Program Coordinator that the balance on the card is zero.

Status changes are handled as follows:

Expenses Charged to Sponsored Gifts, Grants or Contracts

Reimbursement of expenses to be charged to sponsored gifts, grants or contracts made to the University for research, instruction, or other purposes must be in full compliance with the specific terms and instructions of the gift, grant or contract as well as policy. In the event a gift, grant or contract specifically provides for special arrangements for accountability of travel expenses, this fact must be noted on the expense report.


The University Travel Card may be utilized for lodging expenses. For additional guidance regarding lodging and to access a listing of Nation-wide chains, please refer to the UM System Travel Page.

Lost or Stolen Card (24-Hour Access)

In the United States or Canada call JP Morgan Chase toll-free at 1-800-270-7760 immediately to report lost or stolen cards/accounts, cancel the card/account, and order a replacement card. Please also notify Anantha Gopalaratnam at 573-882-TRIP.

Outside of the United States call JPMorgan Chase collect at 1-801-281-5825.

MasterRental Insurance Coverage

When you received your University Travel Card, you should have also received a document explaining the MasterRental Insurance Coverage. If you have questions, or to confirm coverage for a particular vehicle, and for filing a claim call 1-800-MC-ASSIST.


The University Travel Card may be utilized for purchase of meals while in travel status. For guidance on meals and meal reimbursement please refer to the link below:

Domestic, Foreign and Meal Reimbursement When Travel Extends the Employee’s Work Day

Methods of Transportation

The University has negotiated discounted corporate rate programs with major car rental companies, as well as a shuttle service to provide ground transportation between the Columbia, Kansas City, and St. Louis Airports. Use of these companies provides for significant savings over standard rates therefore; these resources should be utilized whenever possible and practical. For a listing of airline, airport, hotel, motel, rental agencies and shuttle services, consult the UM System Travel Page or Accounting Services Travel Page.

Other Expenses

Reimbursements will be made for other expenses as outlined in BPM-505 Allowable Expenses.

Payment Methods

Your University Travel Account is due in full each month and can be paid using any of the following methods:

Accessing PaymentNet Web Site

The PaymentNet web site allows you to review your current card activity, view your credit card statement, dispute charges, and make your payment online.



Organization ID: UMCARDS (all upper case)

User ID: your Mizzou Pawprint (all lower case)

Pass Phrase: Contact Accounting Services if you need to have your Pass Phrase aka password reset.

Travel With Spouses

When spouses travel with University employees, but are not themselves serving as agents of the University, travelers should be careful to maintain a record of individual expenses. The University will not reimburse any expenses incurred on behalf of the spouse.

University Travel Related Policies

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